& want to document all the special moments. 

for fun couples who
love to celebrate life,

a san Jose based photographer,

—Hey, I'm Shannon. 

Other little facts about me: I love over decorating my apartment, going to local coffee shops and obsessing over dogs I don't have. I'm a wannabe plant mom & one of my favorite past times is reading greeting cards at Target. 

I love working with people who like to have fun, who enjoy a good pun, embrace their quirkiness & love getting caught up in the moment.

I'm a photographer who lives and works in downtown San Jose. I love being in a city. I love the art, the community, & the rooftops. I also love sharing it with people - some of my favorite photoshoots have been in downtown. Where my city lovers at? 

I'm passionate about getting to know & connecting with people. I'm a believer that the best photos happen when we trust each other to create magic. 

photographer, plant mom & lover of dad jokes. 

nice to meet ya'!

You aren't just my client. You're my friend & I'll do everything to make sure your story is told.

I'm a photographer because I believe in people and telling their story. Words are powerful, but a good photo is a universal language. 

You spend days, months, years, curating a brand or planning a wedding to look and feel a certain way. Every time I pick up my camera, it's my job to document those little moments, the details and the emotions that come to life because of your hard work. 

At the end of the day, my goal is always hand over images that have parts of you, your people, your details and little bits of me all mixed together to tell you story for generations. 

I like photos that show how you are feeling. When you try to sneak tushy-taps with your partner. When you are laughing so hard your eyes wrinkle and your chin rolls. I like belly laughs and tears of joy. When the wind blows your hair and dirt gets on your dress. When you kick your shoes off because it feels more natural.

I like it when you are comfortable & trust me to capture the special moments, the quiet moments and every second in-between that shows the world who you are.

I'll direct you, I'll coach you, I'll talk you through it -- you are not alone. You aren't just my client, you are my friend, my family, my art & I will do everything to make sure your story is told. 

I like belly laughs, tears of joy & when you trust me to capture the moments that shows the world who you are.

My go to drink is Champagne or anything with pineapple soda! 

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No. 2

My enneagram number is 3 & my Meyers-Briggs is: ENFJ!

No. 3

My favorite moments during weddings is the first walk down the aisle as a married couple - and of course the dance floor!

No. 4

I have a very fun loving fiance named Joel & a sweet pup named Churro! They'll come to sessions upon request. ;) 

No. 5

My go to outfit is rompers, jumpsuits & overalls. Literally running around in an adult onesie.

Fun Facts