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Helping couples + families remember the moments that matter most with frame-worthy photos. 

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Bay Area Wedding +
Family Photographer 

Helping couples + families remember the moments that matter most with frame-worthy photos. 

Can we skip to the good part? 

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Can we skip to the good part? 

Wedding days end, newborns turn into toddlers and parents become grandparents. These moments go by so fast. So, let me help you remember them. 

That first kiss on your wedding day will turn into the first kiss on your newborn baby's cheeks. And those tiny baby toes that you'll spend hours wondering how something could be so small, they'll transform in toddler feet that will carry your curious kid throughout this world. Then in a few years you've got a rebellious teenager on your hands questioning if their parents are cool or not. And boom, flash-forward ten more years and you'll find yourself already planning your baby's wedding. 

I wish I could slow down time for all of us, but I can't. Instead, I can do the next best thing. I can help you preserve all these moments that matter most. As a lifetime photographer, I am in the art of helping people remember. 

From the big breathe you take before you walk down the aisle to those first few weeks when you bring your baby home, I'll help you document all the feelings that comes with growing up. 

Let's Photograph Your Story

Hey, hi, howdy! 

I'm a Bay Area kid, born and raised. I'm a little obsessed with my hometown. The Bay is filled with some of the most beautiful landscapes and even cooler people. It's such a privilege to be able to do life here with my husband Joel and our pup Churro. And truly, nothing brings me more joy than showing off the Bay to clients.

Engagements, weddings, new babies, new homes, added fur babies—these are the photo-worthy celebrations. The moments that you'll want to remember forever. I love being a photographer because I get to be a witness to some of the most cherished moments in people's lives. How freaking cool is it that I get to help preserve your memories for generations to come?

I'm Shannon. 

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  • To capture photos that feel like you.
  • To be inspired by YOU. 
  • To create an easy and fun photo experience. 
  • To calm camera nerves.
  • To coach, direct and encourage you throughout your session.
  • To document the big feelings and the quiet moments. 
  • To treat your kids like my family. 
  • To celebrate your wedding like my best friends. 
  • To treat you + your loved ones with respect and kindness. 
& at the end of it all: to deliver you a gallery thats filled with color, joy and cherished memories. 

My promise to my clients: 

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Portraits for every milestone. 

Life is short, take the picture.

Seriously, time will fly by, and in ten years, you'll forget how small their hands were when they were born or how chaotic their first birthday was. The story of how you got engaged will start to lose details, and you'll try to remember the look on your parents' faces when they held their first grandchild.

So this is me begging you, take the picture. Celebrate the milestone. Document your story so that in 30 years you can look back and remember the beautiful life you have built.

And when I say photos for every milestone, I mean it. Maybe it's the big ones like a proposal, a birthday, or an anniversary—those are awesome. But the quiet moments are worth remembering too, like the slow mornings, your favorite playground, grandma and grandpa's house.

Reach out to learn more about the portrait experience! It's a fun and easy session where we focus on capturing a mix of classic posed portraits and playful candid moments. 

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It's your wedding day...

So, have your cake, eat it too, wash it down with some bubbly & then relive the moment with gorgeous wedding photos. 

Big parties or intimate dinners. Classic venues or childhood backyards. Three course meals or potlucks. It's your wedding day, celebrate your way. Its' my responsibility to capture the day you spent months creating. It's my job to notice. I'll focus on the tiny details, the big feelings and the memorable moments & you focus on enjoying the celebration. After the confetti has been cleaned up and the party ends, my priority is to delivery you a gallery that enables you to relive every single moment of one the best days ever. 

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"Her ability to make everyone feel comfortable in front of a camera combined with her creative vision created some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever had the pleasure of being in. She captured moments I will never want to forget, and I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life."

"Shannon knows exactly what she was doing on a wedding day. She  has this incredible ability to make you feel comfortable while taking photos - it's probably her fun and chill demeanor. I was just amazed at how they turned out too. I am so thankful to have photos that we are in love with that really captured the essence and magic of how our wedding felt. She is seriously the best in the bay!"

- Brandie & Matt 

- Jess & Nick

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I'm so glad you're here, stick around, there's so much to see, xo Shannon

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